What is IDOM for IUMYL?

IDOM for IUMYL – Integrated Digital Online Membership is a framework for identifying and granting membership to the likeminded Indian Citizens who have interest to work with the Indian Union Muslim League and its different organizations from anywhere inside India. The framework will include an Android/IPhone App (Mobile Application), online Documents and Presentations to introduce the Ideologies of IUML a workflow for the authentication and approval, a contract to sign, Analytics tools for the organization leaders and a Server to host the Member Information and other related data tools. Once the Membership is approved a Membership Certificate can be issued online.

How does it work?

The IDOM for IUMYL App can be made available for the public through social media. The App can read an individual’s ID (Aadhar/Voter ID etc ) and initiate a request after verifying his mobile number. App will be able to trace down his polling booth from the voter ID, Otherwise the App will ask for the user input for the state/dist/parliamentary/assembly constitution/ PO/ PIN etc.

Once the request is accepted by the system a workflow will be initiated for review and approval by the responsible person for the area.

The App also will collect the necessary information about the members for better organization building.

The App will capable to accept the Membership fee or any donations from the local banks ( on time or periodic )


The IDOM for IUMYL can support Arabic English Hindi and any state languages for the User Interface ( UI ) as well as for the documents presentations contracts etc. The Analytics and other administrations can be in English only.

Type of Membership.

The IDOM for IUMYL can support different kind of Memberships and payments methods.

  1. Primary Membership at RS --
  2. National Volunteer – at RS ---- for anybody want to be active members for national level and fluent in Arabic English or Hindi.
  3. Sponsor – at RS ----- for those senior members who want to support the national movement. We can also accept periodic monthly payment automated from such members if they wish.